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Hambleton Equine Clinic is based near Stokesley and is the only purpose-built equine clinic in North Yorkshire providing a full range of equine services to the professional and recreational horse owner.  Established in 2012 by the Partners Alison, Caroline and Phil, it is a progressive and specialist equine practice that is constantly striving to achieve the highest standard of care for your horse.

Latest News

COVID-19 Update 

26th March 2020

The RCVS Council has now agreed to temporarily permitting the remote prescription of veterinary medicines where appropriate and where complying with the Government advice on reducing the transmission of the Covid-19 virus leaves no other available option. Please call the practice if you need our help for prescribing medicines and we will facilitate a conversation with a vet for you. 

We are committed to abiding by Government guidelines for helping to contain the spread of Coronavirus. The Practice remains open but we have additional precautions in place to help you and our staff to stay safe. All our staff are aware of the government guidelines on self-isolation and assessing themselves and those they live with for symptoms.

Clients visiting the clinic

Please stay away from the clinic unless specifically told you may attend. You may not attend if you are supposed to be self-isolating, or show any of the symptoms of the virus -see government advice here 

You must not bring your children to the clinic.

Emergency Appointments

We ask that only the minimum number of people accompany your horse to an appointment at the clinic.  Mostly the minimum number is one.

  • The main entrance door is closed to everyone except staff.
  • We are asking all clients to call from their vehicles when they get to the practice and await instruction.
  • If you have been authorised  to come in for a reason you must enter via the side door from the large main entrance and stand behind the line on the floor in reception.


  • Please give us 3 working day's notice for repeat prescriptions
  • Where possible authorised repeat prescriptions will be posted to you
  • When ordering authorised prescriptions we will ask for payment over the phone by card.
  • Please call in to let us know when you are at the Practice. 
  • Your prescription will be brought out to you, it may be given to you through your window or left beside the car for you to pick up. 
  • Please limit the time you are in the yard.
  • If you cannot collect please tell us and we will endeavour to post out to you. The prescription must not contain a substance prohibited for posting. You can also send a delegate and let us know who this is. 

Clients that we are visiting for specific care

  • When you make an appointment with us we will ask you if you, or the people you live with, are unwell, have returned recently from a risk country or are self-isolating with someone. If the answer is yes we will decline to attend a routine appointment that can be rescheduled for later when you are well again. 
  • In the event that we need to visit your horse and you are self-isolating or part of a high risk group, or have answered yes to our questions please make arrangements for somone else to be with your horse while we attend. You will need to tell us who this is and provide contact details for them. 
  • We will try to observe social distances so please don't be offended if we seem stand-offish! It is good practice for us all. 

Seeing Practice 

For the foreseeable future we are cancelling all students and work experience visits booked in with the practice. This is a measure to help comply with the request to limit unncesessary travel and reduce social contact. Please contact our practice manager on info@hambleton-equine.co.uk for further information, especially if you have time already booked with us. 

Please keep a close eye on this page, we will try to keep this updated regularly as the Government advice unfolds.


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