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Surgery is a particular area of expertise at Hambleton Equine Clinic and we have invested in a large and purpose-built operating theatre for general anaesthesia cases as well as a specific standing surgery theatre.  There are 2 padded induction/recovery recovery rooms either side of the operating theatre and dedicated surgical preparation area. 

The standing surgery theatre is air conditioned to maximize the comfort of the horses and there is a specially designed set of stocks to help restrain horses safely and allow us to offer the full range of standing surgical procedures.  This facility allows us to perform many surgical procedures that used to be performed under general anaesthesia with the horse standing, which is much safer for the horse.

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Phil is European and American specialist in equine surgery and is also recognised by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as a specialist in equine surgery. This means that he has had the best training, sat, and passed, rigorous examinations and has to continue to demonstrate that he is up to date and performing a large number of surgeries.  We have invested in the latest surgical equipment including the most modern surgical table with specially designed padding to ensure the comfort and safety of your horse.

There is no surgical procedure that we cannot perform so please call for a consultation.

Anaesthesia will always be performed by one of our vets who are very experienced in equine anaesthesia and the patient will be monitored with most advanced patient monitoring equipment.

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