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Overground Video Endoscopy

Hambleton Equine offers Overground Video Endoscopy for analysis and diagnosis of airway functionality while the horse is in motion. 

Overground Endoscopy (OEG) is an advanced imaging service used to look at airway problems that may happen when the horse is exercising. It is often used to diagnose issues when the horse is suffering from poor performance, poor post-exercise recovery or generates an unusual respiratory noise during exercise.

Until recently Endoscopy during exercise has been evaluated using a treadmill for the horse. Studies have already proven that this type of examination can be used for the diagnosis of functional and morphological abnormalities of the larynx and pharynx; these abnormalities may not be detectable when an upper respiratory examination is performed at rest. This new technology, the mobile laryngoscope, enables us to perform this essential examination quickly, precisely and with much less cost than a treadmill evaluation. 



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The examination is completed with the small fiber of the endoscope inserted up the horse's nose. The equipment is mounted on a headcollar and the images are recorded on a small computer mounted in a saddle bag. The Endoscope can be operated and the position can be adjusted remotely. This enables the veterinary surgeon to look at what is happening in real time, associating it with the motion of the horse. Once the video recording of the airway during exercise has been collected, it can be reviewed by our team and shown to you. The high quality images we obtain enable accurate diagnosis of causes of airway obstruction.

Horses can be exercised on a lunge rope here at the clinic, or we can bring the equipment to the gallops or your premises. We can also complete ridden assessments at the practice in an indoor riding school courtesy of Stanley Grange Stud. If any problems are found we can discuss the medical and surgical options available to help enable improved performance. 

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