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Nuclear Scintigraphy (Bone Scan)

We have just installed the latest equipment so that we can generate the best images to help us diagnose the cause of your horse’s problem.  Nuclear scintigraphy is typically used to help diagnose lameness cases where the signs are vague, subtle or there is a multitude of simultaneous problems.  However, it can also be useful in diagnosing other diseases such as dental disease or certain neurological conditions.


It works by injecting a radiopharmaceutical agent that congregates in areas of increased bone activity, which is measured by a gamma camera that will generate ‘hot spots’.  These ‘hot spots’ will indicate where disease may be occurring such as arthritis, stress fractures or where a chronic ligament strain is affecting the bone.  It also allows us to identify painful areas in the back, sacroiliac and pelvic regions.


For further information please call the practice or download our Bone Scan Information Pack.

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