Nuclear Scintigraphy (Bone Scan)

Nuclear scintigraphy is typically used to help diagnose lameness cases where the signs are vague, subtle or there is a multitude of simultaneous problems.  However, it can also be useful in diagnosing other diseases such as dental disease or certain neurological conditions.

At Hambleton Equine Clinic we aim to make the bone scan referral process as straightforward as possible. We accept bone scan referrals as outpatient cases unless otherwise requested, meaning that the horse is scanned and the images are forwarded directly to the referring vet to interpret.

A range of options are available for referral client; from a full body scan, specific regions and abbreviated scans.

Due to the use of the radioactive agent we require the horse to stay in the clinic for 48 hours following the scan to ensure the horse is no longer radioactive.

Our range of services and prices:

  1. Standard Scan; combination of four regions e.g. hind limbs, back, pelvis, neck 
  2. Full body scan 
  3. Abbreviated scan e.g. racehorse with a suspected tibial stress fracture

In addition you can opt for direct explanation to the client of image interpretation with direct discussion with the client including treatment options and prognosis (client is returned to RV for treatment)

You can make a direct referral by calling the practice on 01642 723132 or by emailing

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