Equine Flu

Equine Flu Vaccination 

Being a horse owner has many joys and responsibilities. Keeping your horse healthy by preventing disease is one of the easiest ways to enjoy your life together. The risk from Equine Flu is still real, last year saw just over 100 times more outbreaks of equine flu than in the previous year. 

In order to benefit from herd immunity against equine flu and help protect our horses, we need at least 75%* of all equine communities to be vaccinated. Unfortunately, that number currently stands at approximately 50%.

It’s not just sharing equipment and contact with infected horses that can spread disease. Equine flu can spread through the air, and if the conditions are right it can spread up to 5km.That means even if you never leave the yard, an infected horse travelling nearby could be responsible for making your horse feel really ill, and stop you having fun together.

An infected horse will show symptoms within a few days of infection, and these can include being generally run-down, lethargy, a temperature and a cough. If you suspect your horse or a horse on your yard has flu, protect the community and let your vet know.

For more resources and information on Equine Flu visit www.kbhh.co.uk/achoo

*Reference https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/equine-flu-need-epidemic-act-602319

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Gastroscopy Clinic

March 4th and 5th 2020

Hambleton Equine Clinic will be running a Gastroscopy clinic on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th March. 

This offer includes:

  • £50 off the cost of a Gastroscopy - please quote code  GASTMARCH when booking into the clinic on these days.
  • Free sedation as required.
  • One free syringe of Gastrogard for every six that you purchase.
  • Nutritional advice from Nicola Shuttleworth, regional equine advisor for Topspec.
  • Use of the weigh bridge.
  • Free 1Kg tub of HEC Gastric Assist with standard size tub purchase

Need a vaccination? This is the ideal opportunity to get this done at the same time so let us know when you book in.

For more information on Gastroscopy see our website page on Endoscopy or come to our client evening on Monday 17th February.

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Gastroscopy Client Evening

Gastroscopy Client Evening 


Monday 17th February 2020, 19:00 -21:30


Wainstones Hotel, Great Broughton TS9 7EW

We would like to invite you to our next client evening at Wainstones Hotel, Great Broughton, for an evening of education, discussion and refreshments .

The evening aims to enable everyone to understand the signs of gastric ulcers, get to know the physiology behind the condition and learn about the latest diagnostic processes and treatments for the condition.

Our evening starts with a video presentation by Boehringer-Ingleheim that talks about the importance of recognising and treating the condition and shows you an actual gastroscopy in process. You can find more information on gastric ulcers by B-I by clicking here: GASTRIC ULCERS

There will be a break for some refreshments and a chance to chat with some of the HEC team. We will also have a representative from Topspec on hand to answer any questions you have on nutrition.

We are following this with a presentation by Hambleton Equine vet, Charlotte Greensit BVetMed CertAVP MRCVS, who will talk about some case studies and various treatments, after which there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions. 

By popular demand we will be running a Gastroscopy clinic at HEC on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th March 2020; this client evening is a perfect opportunity to understand everything about the condition prior to booking your horse in for a gastroscopy.

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Barren Mare Investigation Clinic

Wednesday 12th February 2020

Difficult breeder in 2019?
Problems with endometrial infections?
Barren or older mare?

Hambleton Equine are hosting a day of breeding investigations to maximise your breeding success for 2020. The comprehensive package includes:

  • Ultrasonography
  • Endometrial cytology & culture 
  • Hysteroscopy (endoscopy of the uterus)
  • Uterine Biopsy 
  • Full written report with treatment recommendations

All inclusive price = £245 + VAT

Please call the clinic on 01642 723132 to secure your place. 

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Christmas opening times

Christmas Opening Times

We wish you a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. We hope you and your animals remain well over the festive season, but should you need us our opening hours for the period are as follows:

  • Monday 23rd December - Normal opening hours
  • Christmas Eve 24th December - Open until 2pm as usual, thereafter it will be an Out of Hours emergency service 
  • Christmas Day 25th December -Out of Hours emergency service 
  • Boxing Day 26th December -Out of Hours emergency service 
  • Friday 27th December - Normal opening hours
  • Saturday 28th December -  As usual, weekend Out of Hours emergency service 
  • Sunday 29th December - As usual, weekend Out of Hours emergency service 
  • Monday 30th December - Normal opening hours
  • New Year's Eve 31st December - Normal opening hours
  • New Year's day 1st January - Out of Hours emergency service

Thereafter we will revert to our usual opening hours. 

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Christmas Client Evening

Christmas Client Evening


Thursday 12th December at 19:00 - 21:20


Wainstones Hotel, Great Broughton. TS9 7EW

Join us for mulled wine, mince pies, a prize draw and festive cheer!

We will be talking about Laminitis and Cushings with speakers from Hambleton Equine and Boehringher-Ingleheim. Come and learn about what signs to look out for and how Cushings, a hormone disease, manifests in horses and ponies.  Read more here - Care About Cushings.

Places are limited so please call our reception team on 01642 713232 to secure your place.

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Atypical Myopathy

Sycamore poisoning - Atypical Myopathy                                                                                

Atypical myopathy is a potentially fatal muscle disease caused by ingestion of a toxin (Hypoglycin A) that is found in sycamore seeds, seedlings and leaves in the UK.  The toxin stops muscle cells from working properly resulting in a wide range of signs including: weakness, muscle tremors,reluctance to move, colic, choke, dark urine, reluctance to lift head, elevated breathing rate, recumbency and sometimes sudden death. IF YOU THINK YOUR HORSE MAY BE SHOWING SYMPTOMS PLEASE CONTACT THE CLINIC ON 01642 723132.

The disease can develop very quickly and early supportive therapy from a vet is essential. Treatment is largely supportive with intravenous fluids and pain relief ideally given in a hospital environment if possible. Supplementary vitamins and minerals have also been found to be beneficial.  The toxin prevents the horse’s body from utilising nutrients that would normally allow muscles to function properly, especially the muscles that are used for breathing, standing and movement, but also the heart muscle. Affected horses often have dark, reddish urine because of the breakdown of muscle tissue, which is excreted through the kidneys. Eventually breathing difficulties and heart problems result in death or euthanasia.  Even despite early treatment some cases do not recover.

Diagnosis is based on clinical examination, detection of reddish/brown urine, environmental evidence of sycamore trees local to grazing and laboratory analysis of blood for muscle enzymes and the toxin, (available through the Royal Veterinary College’s specialised neuromuscular laboratory.)

The levels of the toxin, (Hypoglycin A), can vary from seed to seed and tree to tree so advice for prevention includes;

  • Checking fields carefully for Sycamore leaves and seeds and fencing off areas where they have fallen
  • Hoover-up/pick up sycamore seeds off the pasture
  • Turning horses out horses for shorter periods
  • Provide extra forage (hay or haylage) especially where pasture is poor
  • Reducing stocking density so there is plenty of good grazing for every horse 

When a case is seen or suspected,field mates should be removed from the pasture and blood tested to see whether they too have muscle damage and could be developing the disease. Provision of antioxidants, B vitamins and amino acid supplements may be worthwhile in these cases. Unfortunately outbreaks of disease are common. For more information on atypical myopathy please contact the clinic.

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Theraplate and Weight Clinic

Theraplate and Weight Clinic

Saturday 30th November 2019 

Join us at Hambleton Equine Clinic for a trial Theraplate session and/or an equine weight clinic on Saturday November 30th.

Wave Vortex Circulation Therapy claims to promote remodelling of bone tissue, activating bone-building cells and suppressing the activity of cells that break down bone. Whilst the science of this is widely debated, there is anecdotal evidence to suggest this is beneficial in a number of scenarios including rehabilitation, post surgery and box rest *. You can read more about Theraplate, by clinking on this link. Spear Theraplate.

We will be hosting Spear Theraplate at the clinic with their Theraplate unit where they will be offering 30 minute sessions at a discounted rate. There will be a vet on hand for sedation if this is required. 

We are also offering an opportunity to talk about weight and nutrition. Your horse or pony will be weighed on our weigh bridge and our vet will be available to discuss weight management alongside a professional from one of the top feed companies.

Need a vaccine at the same time? This is the ideal opportunity to get this all done.

*Please note Hambleton Equine Clinic does not endorse any third party products, processes or equipment.

Please call 01642 723132 to book your appointment, you will need to let us know if you wish to take advantage of a trial Theraplate session (£24 for 30 minutes + cost of sedation as needed) and if you'd like a weight clinic appointment (which is free). Vaccinations will be charged at our usual rate. We will book on a first come first served basis. 

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Stokesley Show 2019

Hambleton Equine will be at the Stokesley Show on September 11th 2019 at the Stokesley Showground.  

Find out all about the show here

Come to see us to learn about the exciting work we do both at the clinic and out as ambulatory vets. We will have vets and equine dental technicians on the stand and will be happy to answer any questions you have about your horse.

There's plenty to do for everyone. Come and ride Horatio our rocking horse and learn about surgeries that we undertake at the hospital. Could you match a surgery to the part of the horse that we operate on?

Show offers

Goodie Bags

We have hundreds of free goodie bag packed with information about horse care to give away at the stand.

Joint Supplement

Have you considered giving your horse a joint supplement? Buy or order your 2.75Kg tub of premium Joint Supplement and you will receive a 400g starter tub Free.  You can take away a tub (subject to availability at the show ground) or pick one up from the practice the following week if you don't want to carry it around. Cash only at the showground but cards taken at the practice. 

New clients

Are you considering becoming a client at Hambleton Equine Clinic? The first 50 new clients who sign up at the show will recieve a 10% discount on their total invoice for their first visit on a zone day. 

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