The importance of Equine Dentistry

Equine Dentistry

Routine Dentistry and Dental Treatment

Poor dental health is a very common condition in our horses, ponies and donkeys, and can be a cause of severe and chronic pain and poor performance.

Equine dentistry has moved on in leaps and bounds over the past decade. Thankfully we now know much more about equine dental disease and the best ways to prevent and treat it.

At Hambleton Equine Clinic we strive to be at the forefront of modern equine dentistry. From routine checks to advanced dental surgery, our clinicians are experienced and committed to ensuring the dental health of your animal.

The majority of horse owners know that regular dental checks are an essential part of your horse or pony’s routine healthcare. Many horse owners will not know however, just why the routine ‘rasp’ and regular check is necessary.

A horse’s teeth are very different to your own, constantly being worn down by chewing, but also constantly ‘erupting’ throughout its life. Anatomical differences, modern feeding practices and normal age-related changes mean that because of this constant eruption teeth can wear improperly, causing painful sharp points, displacements and overgrowths. Just like in human teeth, other disease processes can also affect horses’ teeth, and if not noted and treated can cause your horse long-term chronic pain and suffering.

Regular checks every 6-12 months help to ensure that problems are identified quickly and avoided where possible. 

Did you know?

  • Studies have shown dental disease to be present in over 50% of horses
  • Dental problems lead to pain, weight-loss, poor-performance, behavioural problems and illness such as colic and infection.

Dental services at Hambleton Equine Clinic

At Hambleton Equine Clinic we provide a thoroughly modern dental service. The latest equipment and techniques used mean that, from your horse’s routine check to a more involved surgical treatment, we are offering you and your horse the best possible service.

Our dental team includes James Marshall who leads the veterinary side of dental treatment, and Mark Thorne, who has been well known and respected in the field of equine dentistry for many years. Surgery is performed by our lead surgeon Phil Cramp, a European and American Specialist in Equine Surgery. 

Our use of oral endoscopy, our expertise in advanced treatments and extractions, as well as our ability to offer endodontic treatment (fillings) mean that we provide the best possible solutions for your horse’s dental problems.

Dental referrals at Hambleton Equine Clinic

We are happy to accept referrals from other vets or equine dental technicians for further work-up or treatment. From diastema treatment, to extractions or sinus surgery. We can offer a full range of dental referral services from our clinic.

Treating vets or EDTs are welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail (, or may fill in the referral form on our website. We are also happy to offer telephone advice about cases or review radiographs for clinicians. 

Wherever possible, dental charts and clinical history should be sent along with any referral.

Booking your routine dental appointment

We offer convenient appointment times at excellent value. Our zone visit scheme extends to routine dental appointments, meaning free visits can be arranged to your yard. Discounts are also available when several horses are seen on the same yard.

We have also introduced a monthly dental clinic on a Saturday for those clients that struggle to find time during the week. These clinics are based at our practice near Great Ayton and are dentistry-focused, but will also include vaccinations, general health checks and weight checks on our weighbridge.

To book an appointment or find out more about pricing and options, call our reception team.

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