Equine Flu

Equine Flu Vaccination 

Being a horse owner has many joys and responsibilities. Keeping your horse healthy by preventing disease is one of the easiest ways to enjoy your life together. The risk from Equine Flu is still real, last year saw just over 100 times more outbreaks of equine flu than in the previous year. 

In order to benefit from herd immunity against equine flu and help protect our horses, we need at least 75%* of all equine communities to be vaccinated. Unfortunately, that number currently stands at approximately 50%.

It’s not just sharing equipment and contact with infected horses that can spread disease. Equine flu can spread through the air, and if the conditions are right it can spread up to 5km.That means even if you never leave the yard, an infected horse travelling nearby could be responsible for making your horse feel really ill, and stop you having fun together.

An infected horse will show symptoms within a few days of infection, and these can include being generally run-down, lethargy, a temperature and a cough. If you suspect your horse or a horse on your yard has flu, protect the community and let your vet know.

For more resources and information on Equine Flu visit www.kbhh.co.uk/achoo

*Reference https://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/equine-flu-need-epidemic-act-602319

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