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The hospital is located on the A172 between Marton and Stokesley at Stanley Grange, Great Ayton, TS9 6QD at the foot of Cleveland hills in the shadow of Roseberry Topping and Captain Cook’s Monument.  As you arrive at Hambleton Equine Clinic you will drive through the electric gates and down a long driveway into the large car park, which has been designed so that there is no need to have to reverse your tailer or horsebox. 

The 2 acre plot consists of 2 medical paddocks, the car park, an unloading bay, 4 day patient stables and the hospital building itself.  Inside the hospital there is a welcoming and warm reception area, disabled, male and female loos and the pharmacy. 

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The patient area contains of 3 examination rooms, 2 with specifically designed equine stocks for safely restraining horses and one set that will safely restrain mares with foals at foot.  The hospital has been designed so that there is a ‘clean’ area which consists of the diagnostic imaging suite, standing surgery room, large operating theatre and 2 padded induction and recovery rooms.  The greatest risk to any horse undergoing general anaesthesia is during recovery so specific attention has been paid to these rooms and we have visited and taken advice from other equine hospitals around the world to come up the a design which we feel minimizes the risks as much as we can.  There is a large corridor that runs through the hospital and there are 4 intensive care boxes located close to the recovery room so that horses can move directly into one of these boxes immediately post-operatively for close and careful monitoring.  Each one of these boxes is equipped with full rubber flooring and 1 metre up the walls, intravenous fluid therapy systems, CCTV, individual lighting and large viewing windows.  There is even a heat lamp to keep the most unwell horses warm if need be. 


Outside there is a lameness area with hard and soft lunge areas and a 50 metre trot up zone.  There are also 4 further loose boxes to house day patients and one large mare and foal box.


Great care and attention has been taken to ensure the best welfare for our patients.  There is non-slip rubber flooring throughout the hospital, extra wide and tall doorways so that the horses feel at ease when moving around.  The lighting in the hospital has been picked specifically so that it mimics daylight to try and reduce any anxiety for the horses. 


Phase 2 of the build process will see additional stables, examination rooms and paddocks as well as the first floor development.  This will house vet’s offices, staff kitchen, loos and shower facilities, a larger laboratory, 2 bedroom bedsit and conference room facilities for vet meetings and client evenings.


This fantastic facility allows for us to cater for all types of horse with any manner of conditions. 

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