Reproductive Services

Hambleton Equine Clinic is proud to be able to offer an unparalleled level of expertise and knowledge in this area.  We provide veterinary services to some of the largest equine stud farms in the area and have great deal of experience dealing with a variety of different breeds of horse.  We will offer you sound practical advice and will assist you and your mare with each step of the process.

Embryo Transfer

This allows mares to produce foals via a surrogate (recipient) mare so that they can continue in their competition season or if they are unable to carry a foal.  In simple terms; your mare (the donor) is inseminated in the usual manner and then the fertilized embryo is flushed from her uterus approximately a week after ovulation.  The fertilized embryo is then transferred (in a manner similar to A.I.) to the surrogate mare will have been synchronized to match the donor mare’s cycle.  The recipient mare then carries the embryo until term and delivers the foal in the normal manner.  The recipient mare can be any mare of any breed or type and clients can provide their own recipient mare or we can source one.  Please call reception to discuss your needs.

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