COVID-19 Update 

Please note, we have suspended our Zone visits at the moment. We hope to introduce a new system in the near future.

4th August 2020

The government is now recommending that face coverings are worn in additional indoor settings and this will is enforceable in law. Currently you are required to wear face coverings in shops, supermarkets, indoor shopping centres, indoor transport hubs and public transport.

For members of the public, from 8 August this will be expanded to include a variety of other settings including veterinary services. For more infromation please see the government website here:

We are therefore asking all clients to wear a face covering if they have to enter our clinic building. Additonally we would request that clients wear face coverings in enclosed spaces when we are visiting for an appointment. Our vets will discuss this with you on arrival. 

14th April 2020

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) have now amended guidelines regarding the treatment of animals during the Covid-19 restrictions. Please call the Practice if you require further infromation regarding any forthcoming appointments, treatments due or concerns you may have about your horse, pony or donkey.

We have also provided a resource page for owners during this period. Please CLICK HERE to take you to a variety of useful information and videos regarding the welfare of your horse in this period. 

If we have a agreed a visit, please read our letter in advance of our visit here

If we have agreed for you to attend the clinic please read our letter in advance of attending the clinic here.

26th March 2020

The RCVS Council has now agreed to temporarily permitting the remote prescription of veterinary medicines where appropriate and where complying with the Government advice on reducing the transmission of the Covid-19 virus leaves no other available option. Please call the practice if you need our help for prescribing medicines and we will facilitate a conversation with a vet for you. 

14th March 2020

We are committed to abiding by Government guidelines for helping to contain the spread of Coronavirus. The Practice remains open but we have additional precautions in place to help you and our staff to stay safe. All our staff are aware of the government guidelines on self-isolation and assessing themselves and those they live with for symptoms.

Clients visiting the clinic

Please stay away from the clinic unless specifically told you may attend. You must not attend if you are supposed to be self-isolating, or show any of the symptoms of the virus -see government advice here . You must not bring your children to the clinic.

Clinic Appointments

We ask that only the minimum number of people accompany your horse to an appointment at the clinic.  Mostly the minimum number is one. If more people must attend to load / unload only one person should be nominated to interact with us.

  • Prior to arrival you must confirm your attendance and ensure you have answered questions that we will ask you in accordance with the RCVS and BEVA guidelines.
  • On arrival at the clinic you must call reception and notify us of your arrival before leaving your vehicle. You must not unload your horse until authorised to do so.
  • Wherever possible paperwork for admission will be completed in the main yard. Paperwork will be supplied in a plastic wallet for you to complete. Use your own pen if possible. Plastic wallets will be decontaminated when the paperwork is returned to us.
  • The main entrance door is closed to everyone except staff. If you have been authorised  to come in for a specific reason you must enter via the side door from the large main entrance and stand behind the line on the floor in reception.
  • You will be asked to remain in your vehicle for the duration of the examination. We will conduct all examinations and procedures observing social distancing policies. 
  • You must not touch any veterinary equipment or surfaces while at the clinic.  
  • We will not engage in lengthy discussion of your horse's condition, results or examination findings face to face. We will conduct discussions with you via mobile phone, if you are waiting while the examination is completed then we will still discuss this via mobile phone while you are in your vehicle. 
  • Similarly, when you arrive to collect your horse you must not leave your vehicle until authorised to do so. We will bring your horse to your vehicle and discharge from the clinic will also be conducted in the yard. 
  • We offer 5% discount for payment of invoices on discharge of your horse from the clinic. Payment should be made over the phone to our reception team by card and cash should be avoided wherever possible. 

Visiting your horse during their stay

We regret that for the duration of the Covid-19 restrictions it will not be possible for you to visit your horse while he/she is with us. We are grateful for your understanding and hope you appreciate that your safety, and that of our team, is paramount at this time. We will take excellent care of your horse while at the clinic.


  • Please give us 3 working day's notice for repeat prescriptions
  • Where possible authorised repeat prescriptions will be posted to you. The prescription must not contain a substance prohibited for posting. 
  • When ordering authorised prescriptions we will ask for payment over the phone by card.
  • On arrival at the clinic to collect prescriptions please do not leave your vehicle, call the reception team on 01643723132 and wait in your car. 
  • Your prescription will be brought out to you, it may be given to you through your window or left beside the car for you to pick up. 
  • Please limit the time you are in the yard and leave as soon as possible.
  • If you cannot collect you can send a delegate and let us know who this is. 

Clients that we are visiting

Prior to our visit:

  • If anyone at the property exhibits signs of COVID-19 (such as a high temperature or persistent cough) or develops signs that could be due to COVID-19 prior to the visit, then you MUST contact us immediately. 
  • All visits will be risk assessed and attendance will be in line with BEVA and RCVS guidelines.
  • When you make an appointment with us we will ask you if you, or the people you live with, are unwell, have returned recently from a risk country or are self-isolating with someone. 
  • In the event that you have answered yes to any of our questions, and depending on the  circumstances, the visit may go ahead if you have made arrangements for someone else to be with you horse while we attend, you will need to tell us who this is and provide contact details for them.
  • You should determine where the veterinary surgeon can park so that they can avoid contact with others on the yard and minimise the length of their visit. A means of alerting you to the vet’s arrival should also be discussed. 
  • Please ensure there are facilities for handwashing available. If there are none then make the vet aware of this prior to the visit.

At the time of the visit:

Your vet will minimise the time spent at your property. Please do not expect the vet to enter into discussion at the time but rather collect a history beforehand and inform you of their findings/instructions by telephone or video. 

  • Only one person from your property should assist the veterinary surgeon (even if horses belonging to a number of different owners are being examined / treated) except in exceptional circumstances such as a foaling. 
  • Physical distancing (at least 2 metres) should be maintained throughout the veterinary visit. 
  • A strategy for sedation may be discussed with you to facilitate the examination/ treatment without compromising physical distancing. The vet may want to sedate the horse to allow physical distancing when in normal circumstances sedation would not be necessary; you should respect the veterinary surgeon’s judgement or postpone the visit until there is less risk to human health from COVID-19.
  • Gloves should be worn by everyone throughout the visit. 
  • You should not touch any veterinary equipment and should remain a minimum of 2 metres from it and from the vet’s car at all times. 
  • You should not expect the vet to enter an office, house, coffee room or any other building other than to see the horse or wash their hands. The vet is likely to prefer not to enter any building to wash their hands, but rather will wear gloves and use hand sanitiser. 
  • Please do not expect your vet to do additional tasks that have not been discussed prior to their visit 

Seeing Practice 

Please note: Due to the Covid-19 restrictions placements for EMS will not be available until October 2020 and numbers will be  limited. Contact Becks on for more information. Overseas students will be required to comply with any quarenteen regulations we, or the government, enforce prior to attending the clinic. We reserve the right to amend this and cancel placements if local lockdown rules apply, or if the pandemic risk status changes. You will be required to adhere strictly to our protocols regarding Covid-19 at the clinic. Do not attend if you have any sympoms of the disease or have been in close contact with anyone within 14 days prior to attending. 


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